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Published: 1983-02-19

Pete Ekstrand in Zaire alerted us to the book by that title, available free from the Swedish International Development Authority, Health Division U-B Segersky/asn, S-105 25 Stockholm, SWEDEN. The 133 page book is divided into three parts. Part I discusses various aspects of sanitation and disease and the use of composting to control disease. In part II, water-less sanitation systems that are in use in 10 Third World and three western nations are considered. Each discussion includes a description, a diagram and brief outline of advantages and disadvantages. Part III gives a detailed discussion of latrine components and construction and operating instructions. The appendix discusses various methods of fly control. The book is very liberally illustrated with drawings and diagrams.

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ECHO Staff 1983. Sanitation Without Water. ECHO Development Notes no. 4