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The Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) program at Partners of the Americas in Washington, DC is a US Agency of International Development (USAID) funded program that promotes economic development and food security abroad by sending volunteer agricultural specialists from the U.S.

Volunteers provide technical assistance to foreign producers, cooperatives, agribusinesses, NGO’s, and educational institutions. Assignment goals vary depending on the needs of in-country host organizations and typically last 2-3 weeks.  In appreciation of the volunteer’s service, F2F covers the cost of all assignment-related expenses including travel, food, and lodging.

ECHOcommunity member Orli Handmaker posted this unique opportunity in the Career Center:

Liquid Compost and Fertilizer Expert

(Guatemala, October-December 2015: 2-3 weeks)

An expert in liquid compost and fertilizer with experience using goat urine to make liquid fertilizer or compost is needed to teach technicians in the proper storage and use of goat urine to make liquid fertilizer or compost. The focus of this assignment relates to the use and optimization of the byproducts of goat production, namely goat urine. Technicians at CEPROCAL will be trained in developing liquid fertilizer and compost using goat urine that they can then teach to rural families and beneficiaries of the program to use for the production of vegetables and other crops to supplement and diversify the family diet.

At the end of the assignment, CEPROCAL technicians will have learned techniques and methods to use goat urine in the production of liquid fertilizer and compost. They also will know appropriate methods for the application of the compost on crops and proper storage of the goat urine and compost. The expected deliverables other than the training are a trip report and recommendations for further work to be turned in upon completion of the assignment.

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