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Published: 2008-10-20

The end of August marked the beginning of Dr. Martin Price’s retirement. During his 27 years of involvement at ECHO, the organization grew in ways he could not have imagined when ECHO began its global ministry in 1981. He commented, “When I finished Issue 1 of EDN, I wondered where I would ever find enough helpful material to write the second issue. I was especially pleased to help write the special 100th issue just before I retired.” Dr. Price and his wife Bonnie now look forward to new opportunities for travel and service. Dr. Price is already active as a volunteer at ECHO, primarily writing, speaking, meeting with visitors studying at ECHO and consulting on ECHO’s behalf.

We take this opportunity to introduce Dr. Tim Motis, who joins Dawn Berkelaar as co-editor of EDN. Dr. Motis is the new Director of ECHO’s Agricultural Resources Department. Dr. Motis grew up in Liberia and worked in Ethiopia for two years before earning his PhD in horticulture at the University of Florida. He then directed a Small Farm Resource Development Project that ECHO operated in Haiti for three years. Since 2006, he has served with ECHO at our Florida headquarters.

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ECHO Staff 2008. Congratulations to Dr. Martin Price on his Retirement!. ECHO Development Notes no. 101