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Banana trees are very easy to grow for the gardener who likes delicious tree ripened tasty fruit, lush tropical foliage and the fastest growing - tallest of all flowering herbaceous plants. Ty Ty Nursery grows banana trees in fields just like row-crop farmers cultivate fields of cotton and corn. The excitement of daily visualizing the weekly rapid growth in height of 1 foot extensions each each week during the month of July, is only exceeded by watching the daily formation during the fall of fruiting banana stalks that extend into tiers and circular rows of bananas from the center stem known as the banana heart. The banana is a prehistorical fruit tree of archeological antiquity that may have originated in the Orient, but came to America by the Portuguese slave ships that settled Brazil and Jamaica and established commercial banana plantations that exported the bananas to the markets in the U.S. The extensive shelf life of the commercial bananas harvested during the green stages of development made the banana the most popular fruit in America, but most store bought fruits have lost their intensive desirable flavor that a home gardener who grows his own tree ripened fruit can experience. Because fig trees have fed generations for many centuries and were important Biblical fruits that have been documented BC many centuries ago, the early American explorers and colonists in Jamestown and 13 original States brought fig tree cuttings from Europe. The New England and Virginia colonists found our in the early 1600's, that these trees could be grown as far North as New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania using the proper winter protection procedures, and the intense interest in raising figs to feed the culturally focused family has remained an important factor in American culture.