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Presented By: Christopher Nzuki

Event: Symposium on Improving Nutrition in Dryland Areas (2018-08-09)

Session: Sustainable bee farming models have proven to contribute in improving nutritional status in dry land areas through enhanced pollination by bees and consumption of bee products in communities. With the fact that 65% of all food crops consumed by human being are pollinated by bees, agriculture systems still tend to ignore the importance of this amazing creature in attaining food security. Improved seeds, fertilizers, chemicals and best agriculture practices are all important in not only producing better crops but also improving nutritional status. Missing in the equation are bees. Modern agriculture and sustainable bee farming should be integrated to improve the nutritional status of communities in dry land areas.

Biographical information: Christopher Nzuki is a leading beekeeper in Kenya and a horticulturalist by profession who currently leads The Hive Group of companies towards advocating integration of sustainable bee farming and modern agriculture to attain food security and improved nutritional status.