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A Comprehensive Agricultural Risk Assessment Survey should include key informants like those listed below, to assess risk at both:

  • the farmer/ARE level and
  • the value-chain level.

It will never be possible to include all the informants listed below, but the best risk assessment resulting in the best risk management plan will include as many of these key informants as possible:

  1. farmers/operatorsof agriculture related enterprises
  2. officers/staff of groupsof farmers/agriculture related enterprises
  3. neighbors of farmers/operatorsof agriculture related enterprises
  4. extension staff
  5. bankers/SACCO staff/MFI staff
  6. suppliers, traders, purchasing companies, other buyers
  7. staff of CBOs, CSOs, national NGOs, international NGOsinvolved with the farmer/ARE

After the best possible Comprehensive Agricultural Risk Assessment Survey is conducted, the information collected needs to be analyzed:

  • for accuracy,
  • for truthfulness,
  • for the perspective/bias of the informants,
  • for gaps in information, and
  • for gaps in the understanding that key informants may have

This information in this presentation is best used in conjunction with the other Risk Management materials provided by Steve Hodges, Managing Director/Consultant, African Agriculture Risk Management Services, Uganda.  Steve spoke at the 2012 ECHO International Agriculture Conference