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Compendium of Soybean Diseases, 4th Edition combines the finest qualities of best-selling previous editions with updated and new sections, making it a thorough, authoritative and practical reference. Revisions to the 4th Edition include five new sections on different leaf spot diseases, an updated section on sudden death syndrome and many new color photographs. Soybean growers and crop advisors worldwide will find this color guidebook indispensable for preventing, diagnosing and controlling more than 100 diseases and disorders of soybean.

Table of Contents

Preface; Introduction; Soybean Origin, Germ Plasm, Growth, Production, and Utilization; Soybean Diseases; Part 1: Infectious Diseases; Diseases Caused by Prokaryotes; Bacterial Diseases; Blight; Pustule; Tan Spot; Wildfire; Bacterial Wilts; Seedborne Bacteria; Other Bacteria; Crown Gall; Noneffective Biological Nitrogen Fixation; Diseases Associated with Mollicutes; Bud Proliferation; Machismo; Phyllody and Witches'-Broom; Update of Phytoplasmas in North America; Diseases Caused by Fungi; Fungal Diseases of Foliage, Upper Stems, Pods, and Seeds; Alternaria Leaf Spot and Pod Necrosis; Anthracnose; Aristostoma Leaf Spot and Yellowing; Black Leaf Blight; Brown Spot; Cercospora Blight, Leaf Spot, and Purple Seed Stain; Choanephora Leaf Blight; Downy Mildew; Drechslera Leaf Blight; Frogeye Leaf Spot; Leptosphaerulina Leaf Spot; Phyllosticta Leaf Spot; Powdery Mildew; Red Leaf Blotch; Rhizoctonia Foliar Blight; Rust; Scab; Stemphylium Leaf Spot; Target Spot; Fungal Diseases of Lower Stems and Roots; Brown Stem Rot; Charcoal Rot; Diaporthe-Phomopsis Complex; Phomopsis Seed Decay; Pod and Stem Blight; Stem Canker; Fusarium Diseases; Fusarium Blight or Wilt, Root Rot, and Pod and Collar Rot; Fusarium spp. Associated with Seeds; Sudden Death Syndrom; Phytophthora Rot; Pythium Damping-Off and Root Rot; Red Crown Rot; Rhizoctonia Root Rot; Sclerotinia Stem Rot; Sclerotium Blight; Thielaviopsis Root Rot; Other Fungi Associated with Root Rots; Other Fungi Reported in Soybean; Diseases Caused by Nematodes; Soybean Cyst; Lance; Lesion Reniform; Root Knot; Sting; Other Nematodes; Diseases Caused by Viruses; RNA; Alfamovirus; Alfalfa mosaic; Bromovirus; Cowpea Chlorotic Mottle; Carlavirus; Cowpea Mild Mottle; Carmovirus; Black Gram Mottle; Comoviruses Bean Pod Mottle; Cowpea Severe Mosaic; Other Comoviruses; Cucumoviruses; Soybean and Peanut Stunt; Furovirus; Soybean Yellow Vein; Ilarvirus; Tobacco Streak; Leteoviruses; Indonesian Soybean Dwarf; Soybean Dwarf; Nepoviruses; Soybean Severe Stunt; Tobacco Ringspot; Other Nepoviruses Potyviruses; Bean Yellow Mosaic; Peanut Mottle; Soybean Mosaic; Tobamovirus; Tobacco Mosaic; DNA; Begomoviruses; Mungbean Yellow Mosaic; Soybean African Dwarf; Soybean; Crinkle Leaf; Caulimovirus; Soybean Chlorotic Mottle; Genome Unknown; Soybean Mild Mosaic; Other Virus Diseases; Seed and Postharvest Pathology; Detection of Seedborne Pathogens; Seedborne Bacteria; Seedborne Field Fungi; Yeast Spot; Other Seedborne Field Fungi; Storage Fungi;Part 2: Noninfectious or Stress Disorders Crusting and Compaction; Frost; Hail; Heat Canker; Lightning; Sunburn; Water Stress; Mineral Deficiencies and Toxicities; Herbicide Damage; Insecticide Damage; Air Pollutants;Part 3: Soybean Disease Management Strategies Introduction; Preventive Measures; Preemptive Measures; Remedial Measures; Appendix; Index



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  • Published: 1975
  • Publisher: American Phytopathological Society
  • ISBN-10: 0890544735
  • ISBN-13: 9780890544730
  • Dewey Decimal: 633.349
  • ECHO Library: 633.349 SIN