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Published: 1993-03-19

Some years back I took a one week introductory course in aquaculture and community development at the International Center for Aquaculture at Auburn University. The staff were exceptionally knowledgeable about Third World applications and have been ready to help with technical information.

Living Water International (LWI) started with Auburn scientists. Dr. Bryan Duncan writes that LWI “is an association of specialists in water resource management, fisheries and aquaculture. LWI was founded to provide information and technical assistance to Christian missions, and similar humanitarian organizations with limited resources working in developing countries. LWI associates hold graduate degrees in their specialties, and are experienced in working and living internationally.

"Specialists are qualified in the following: aquacultural production; freshwater capture fisheries; aquatic ecology and environmental assessment; site assessment and design of aquacultural facilities; harvesting and storage of surface water for multiple use; water quality; integration of agriculture and aquaculture; project feasibility, design, implementation and evaluation; education and training.

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ECHO Staff 1993. Consulting Help in Water Resource Management, Fisheries and Aquaculture. ECHO Development Notes no. 40