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Composting is nature’s way to recycle.

Composting happens. It’s simply the slow, natural decomposition of organics.

Composting at home is the controlled and faster decomposition of organics such as yard trimmings and food waste that you and your family generate. Microorganisms break down this material into compost – a nutrient-rich product that can be used as a soil amendment in yards, gardens, flower beds and potted plants.

Why compost at home?

  • It’s good for you and the environment. The product you make is valuable. It can improve the soil, prevent erosion, reduce the use of fertilizer and water – saving natural resources and money – as well as decrease the amount of waste you generate.
  • It involves little effort, equipment, expense and expertise. This guide addresses several home composting options and will help you decide which one is best for you. Backyard composting is the most common choice and the focus of this publication.