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SOMOS Semilla Seed Library brings education and food sovereignty to the community, strengthening the long-term health of our environment through seed saving. Our work is interconnected to a growing international movement of free seed advocates.

The Challenge

Quality organic seeds adapted to this climate are difficult to find. Worse, important indigenous foods that originated in Mexico centuries ago —such as corn, beans, squash and tomatoes — are endangered by urbanization, mono-cropping and GMOs that contaminate local crops.

The Solution

We are a pop-up (go-anywhere) community library of locally acclimated seeds. Through the lending seeds that are “returned” by participants —who we call Seed Guardians — the library helps safeguard our local farmers, as well as preserving Mexico’s biodiversity and distinctive culinary heritage.

To date we have
  •      100+ local seed guardians, planting, harvesting, donating seeds.
  •      Held several pop-up seed exchanges in markets and local communities
  •      Taught multiple workshops on seed conservation
  •      Designed programming for the 1st Mexican Congress of Seed Savers
  •      Developed Spanish educational resources
What can you do?

We are looking for both volunteers and funding. The library is principally a volunteer-run project. But we also need financial support to expand our low-infrastructure, high impact work. Help us grow!

Volunteer to:
  •      Become a Seed Guardian: Donate seeds. Borrow, grow and return seeds.
  •      Volunteer at our pop-up libraries in San Miguel and out on the campo
  •      Help us sort and manage our library at one of our gatherings
  •      Advise and/or team up with fundraising committee
What’s Next?

We are planning 50 pop-up libraries in San Miguel de Allende this year. Additionally, we will finish our website, curate seed materials and connect with kindred seed savers in Mexico and internationally. We look forward to creating new and translating existing materials for Spanish speakers, as well as developing useful tools for local climate needs.

Contact us

The library is managed by: Sole Saburido, plant biologist, and Jennifer Ungemach, agroecologist, both passionate seed advocates. They represent 20+ years of experience teaching about and working with seed saving. We welcome everyone, including gardeners, farmers, universities, kindred organizations and more.

For information, contact Somos Semilla.