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All bamboo genera (123) are listed here with their tribe and subtribe. They contain all the known bamboo species within their genus (click on the genus to see the corresponding species).

Bamboo belongs to the grass family POACEAE, which is divided into 12 subfamilies. Among them the subfamily BAMBUSOIDEAE comprising both woody and herbaceous bamboos with altogether 1,675 bamboo species.

BAMBUSOIDEAE is divided into 3 tribes: 

  • ARUNDINARIEAE: Temperate woody bamboos (32 genera and 584 species).
  • BAMBUSEAE: Tropical woody bamboos (69 genera and 962 species).
  • OLYREAE: Herbaceous bamboos (22 genera and 129 species).

Although all woody and herbaceous bamboo genera are listed here, we will only focus on the woody bamboo types since they have the most economical value. Click on the specific genus below for more information.