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Post-harvest loss is one of the biggest problems which affects economic growth globally. The FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) estimates that 1/3rd of food products is lost every year. The loss depends upon the type of crop is grown. As the fruits and vegetables are perishable, so their chances are more to get spoiled or degraded. Post-harvest losses mainly occur in developed and developing countries.

Food losses occur naturally by the microbial attack, moisture, degradation etc.  A major portion of the food is wasted at the stage of quality standards where a food item is tested based on shape, appearance and then either selected or rejected. And, as the increase in population has limited the food resources therefore to prevent food loss is of utmost concern.

Content: Post Harvest Loss

  1. Definition of Post-Harvest Loss
  2. The Objectives of Post-Harvest Losses
  3. Factors Affecting Post-Harvest Losses
  4. Types of Post-Harvest Losses
  5. Estimation and Causes of Post Harvest Loss
  6. Management of Post-Harvest Losses
  7. Conclusion