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We  pilot innovative approaches to greening refugee camps and communities by building capacity, monitoring effectiveness, disseminating good practice and sharing knowledge. We aim to stimulate research, influence policy and advocate for the importance of gardens in forced displacement.

In all our work we seek to plan with, not for, communities and employ refugees and IDPs as facilitators and managers. We work closely with local partners, handing over responsibilities as soon as possible to those who can take it forward. We have been instrumental in developing and supporting a range of local agricultural activities which operate as businesses in their own right.

About us:

The Lemon Tree Trust (LTT) is a not-for-profit organization registered in the United Kingdom, active since 2014 in supporting capacity building, development, and advocacy for greening innovation and urban agriculture within contexts of forced migration. In short, this means we work on the ground in crisis situations such as refugee camps, developing primary food production to aid food security. We are the international arm and affiliate to the U.S. based organization, Citizen D, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Dallas, Texas. Citizen D has been developing projects centered on urban agriculture in the Dallas area which are citizen driven, amongst marginalized communities such as resettled refugees.

At Lemon Tree Trust, we believe that urban agriculture—the tangible manifestation of ecology, greening and cultivation—creates new and unrealized value to achieve dignity, empowerment and sovereignty for those living in under-resourced communities, such as refugee camps.