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Presented By: Mark Hare

Event: 2015 ECHO International Agriculture Conference (2015-11-18)

Mark’s presentation will demonstrate how the Haiti-based FONDAMA Yard Garden program helps people make small, daily changes that are consistent, persistent, and positive without being intrusive.  We will look at examples of how the program helps people recognize the power they have to learn to use what they have at hand to increase food production.  We will also see examples of individuals and grass-roots organizations committing themselves to share knowledge with the communities in which they live and serve. Together we will explore how people can learn to celebrate small successes while praying and struggling for big ones.


Mark Hare is a missionary in Haiti where he works with a grassroots movement called Farmer’s Movement of Papaya assisting thousands of community groups in the country. Mark assists the people of Haiti in developing diversification and integration of small animal production with vegetables and other crops. One project is “The Road to Life Yard” where the crops are grown in old tires raised about three feet off the ground to be out of the reach of marauding goats and chickens. Prior to Haiti, Mark served as a PC(USA) long term international volunteer helping the people of Nicaragua with community development, soil management, and agroforestry. He also was a member of the Peace Corps serving 2½ years in the Dominican Republic.  He has a Master’s Degree in Forestry from Michigan State University and is still closely connected to his Presbyterian Church in Amesville, Ohio.