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Mr. Karim Soré works as a facilitator with AZN (Association of Zooram Nongtaaba) in Guié, and lives in the village of Goèma, located in the province of Sanematenga. Karim works with a small group of farmers who do not readily embrace change when it comes to the way in which they have always practiced agriculture. Because of this, Karim decided to demonstrate the Foundations For Farming (FFF) technique in the field that the village had given him. Because he was an outsider, the land that Karim received was viewed as undesirable by the village due to its depleted soil. He knew that a successful application of this new farming technique would make a powerful statement if, in spite of the impoverished soils, he was able to produce a decent crop yield.

The villagers quickly observed that in spite of the limited and unpredictable rains during the rainy season and especially with the additional challenge of trying to grow crops on this undesirable land, Karim’s field appeared to maintain a healthy moisture level even during a 10-day spell without rain. Ironically at harvest time the yield from this poor piece of land shocked everyone because it surpassed the crop yield levels of the entire village. The results spoke for themselves and won over the villagers who are now convinced of the effectiveness of the FFF technique. They approached Karim and requested that he show them how FFF works. To date Karim has trained a total of 110 people in the village.