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The New Middlewomen describes a unique approach to the delivery of financial services to poor people, which can enable any existing commercial bank profitably to mobilize poor people's savings and provide loans to them, without the need for special systems or new institutions.

The book demonstrates how banks, alone or in collaboration with NGOs, can organize groups of people into "micro-banks" to reach a totally new and profitable market. These groups act as genuine independent banking intermediaries: they decide how much to save, to whom to lend, for what purpose and at what rates of interest. Like any supplier of consumer goods or services, the banker can confidently and profitably delegate the final stage of the distribution task to a local intermediary.

The New Middlewomen is the result of extensive research funded by the British Department for International Development and the Ford Foundation in Kenya and India, and will be essential reading for bankers who wish to support the poor profitably and all those with an interest in micro-finance issues.

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  • Publisher: Intermediate Technology
  • ISBN-10: 1853394319
  • Dewey Decimal: 332.108
  • ECHO Library: 332.108 HAR