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  1. 2023-08-10
  2. 2023-08-10 Highlights best-practices for drying seeds employed by smallholder farmers and individuals by using locally available technologies that are inexpensive to make and modify.
  3. 2023-08-10
  4. 2023-08-10 Frank shares his experience with manure spreading and the impact that has been realized by farmers through his equipment. The manure spreader is an intermediate and scalable technology used to increase soil fertility and crop productivity by evenly spreading manure on fields. This machine...
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  13. 2023-08-09
  14. 2023-08-09 This presentation explores the impact and significance of creative capacity building in Sub-Saharan Africa, specifically focusing on Tanzania. It highlights the role of grassroots innovation in driving sustainable development and addresses the unique challenges faced by communities in the region....
  15. 2023-08-09 Innovation and entrepreneurship are practices and disciplines. It is not the psychology and the character traits of entrepreneurs; it is the art of their actions and behaviors.
  16. 2023-08-09
  17. 2023-08-09 This session aims at enriching the learning environment in Tanzania's schools and beyond.