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A Basic Guide to Evaluation promotes clear thinking about the purpose of an evaluation.  It is intended to help groups to plan for and carry out evaluations as an integral part of development activities.

What are the objectives of evaluations?  How can they improve effectiveness?  The easy-to-follow guide focuses on the principles underlying evaluation, and deals clearly and simply with the issues to be considered at the planning stage.  It then examines the steps involved in carrying out different types of evaluation, for specific purposes.  The importance of involving people in the evaluation process is emphasised throughout.

A Basic Guide to Evaluation draws on the experience of Oxfam's staff in carrying out evaluations in a variety of different settings.  It provides clear and authoritative guidelines for assessing the past in order to improve planning for the future.

Publication Details

  • Publisher: Oxfan
  • ISBN-10: 0855982756
  • Dewey Decimal: 301.072
  • ECHO Library: 301.072 RUB