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2 September - 8 December, 2020


COVID-19 recovery that builds back better needs to take into account equipping families and communities to be self-sufficient, meeting their daily needs as much as possible from their immediate environment, no matter what the economic circumstances their country is going through. Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) is a sustainable land managed technique developed and popularized by the Land 4 Life Award winner Tony Rinaudo. Adoption of FMNR and the changed behaviors that accompany it, is a low-cost, rapid and scalable way to better ensure that happens.

Journey with a global group of peers and expert facilitators to learn how to promote and support FMNR adoption in your local community. The eWorkshop will include: 

  • Planning for FMNR roll-out in a community 
  • Sensitisation meetings and creating spaces for the community to discuss the impact the environment has on their well-being 
  • Understanding the physical FMNR practice and tips for teaching it 
  • Identifying and selecting FMNR champions 
  • Building relationships and ensuring FMNR is inclusive 
  • Troubleshooting when FMNR isn’t going well 
  • Where to find more FMNR information
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