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  1. Giving open access to CIMMYT’s wealth of knowledge is critical to our mission. Below is a selection of CIMMYT’s scientific datasets and other information products.
  2. CIMMYT works throughout the developing world to improve livelihoods and foster more productive, sustainable maize and wheat farming systems. Our portfolio squarely targets critical challenges, including food insecurity and malnutrition, climate change and environmental degradation. Through...
  3. Through ouronline catalog, you can find evidence-based, peer reviewed and published work investigating the crossroads of maize and wheat research with our core research themes: socioeconomics, sustainable intensification, nutrition, climate resilience and germplasm research.
  4. CIMMYT scientists develop improved maize and wheat lines, with resistance to globally important biotic and abiotic stresses, and with improved nutritional and processing quality. Our germplasm banks contain the largest and most diverse collections of maize and wheat in the world. Improved and...
  5. CIMMYT aims to develop nutritious, sustainable and resilient food systems to improve health and enhance livelihoods. By co-creating and innovating concepts and methodologies, based on science and data, our goal is to impact national and regional agri-food systems with multidisciplinary integrated...

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