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Except: Parthenium hysterophorus, also known as carrot top, white top weed, and fever few is a fairly new invasive weed but has quickly become one of the worst weeds to tropical areas(CABI 2015). In Ethiopia it is known as Farmasissa which means “sign your land away” (IAPPS 2016). Originally from Central America, Parthenium has been seen to cause major problems in India and Southeast Asia, Australia, and East Africa. In 2015, Parthenium is said to have invaded roughly 34 countries globally (Strathie 2015). A fast growing highly reproductive invasive species, Parthenium has become a hazard to farmland, rangeland, as well as animal and human health. (From Parthenium hysterophorus by Emalee Allen)

Recent interest from ECHOcommunity network members has prompted the creation of new resources raising awareness of Parthenium.

Document: Parthenium hysterophorus by Emmalee Allen (ECHO Intern)

Video: Parthenium hysterophorus produced by ECHO East Africa and featuring researcher Hannah Haeker (Wheaton College’s HNGR – Human Needs and Global Resources program) presents a five-minute training video on challenges and solutions regarding this plant. (Video contains English and Kiswahili)