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Abstract, SEMIRATE, 2018

Samosir Island is the location of coffee plantations especially in Pangururan subdistrict. Currently coffee farmers in Samosir are trying to utilize a protective plant for coffee tree that is Kelor. This study investigated how far the integration of Kelor with coffee plantation can support forage for Panorusan Samosir goat. This research has been conducted on a coffee plantation in Samosir Island, Parlondut Village from April to November 2017. The design was split plot design with four replications. First factor (M): starter dosage in biogas slurry, M1= 1 liter/150 kg (fresh buffalo manure+water hyacinth) and M2= 2 liters/150 kg (fresh buffalo manure+water hyacinth). Second factor (P): dosage of fertilizer which was biogas slurry (t/ha/yr), P0=0, P1=20, P2=40. Parameters observed were slurry chemical composition,fresh weight and dry weight production, Kelor production and Kelor potention for Panorusan Samosir goat feed. The results showed that interaction between M2 and P2 significantly affect (P<0.05) fresh and dry weight production of Kelor. In conclusion fresh weight producion of Kelor was 10.30 t /ha/yr and by integrating Kelor with coffee plantations in Pangururan subdistrict, there would be 833 t/yr fresh Kelor while goat feed need 912.5 t/yr. As endemic goat is an endangered species, Kelor could support higher reproduction of goat.