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Presented By: Kevin Odoobo

Event: ECHO East Africa Highlands Symposium 2014 (2014-10-28)

Benefits of Beekeeping

1. Bees pollinate crops hence boosting crop yields and household incomes.

2. Honey and other products generate income. People everywhere like honey. Beekeeping is an ideal small scale income generating activity, and there is a ready market for products, both locally and overseas. In fact local honey prices are usually much greater than export market prices.

3. Beekeeping is possible even for people with few resources. Bees are obtained from the wild and do not need beekeepers to feed them (except a few rare days of extreme weather).

4. Beekeeping does not use land needed from crops. Wild, cultivated and wasteland areas all have value.

5. Nectar and pollen, the major bee food, are not used by other livestock; only bees harvest them. This means that bees do not compete for food sources with livestock or people.