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Organized research on arid zone fruits was initiated by the ICAR in 1976 on ad-hoc basis under AP Cess Fund Scheme. Research work on some selected fruits in the semi arid areas in India at 10 centres was initiated in the country. During the Vth Five year Plan, the ad-hoc scheme became a component of the All India Coordinated Fruit Improvement Project. During the Vllth Plan, the scheme was restructured and launched as AICRP on Arid Zone Fruits.During the period 1976-1998, two centres (Lahaul – HPKVV and Bhojka – RAU) were closed down. Four centres were shifted to new locations, from Chandan Well to Bikaner under SKRAU, Hisar to Bawal under CCSHAU, Yercaud to Aruppukottai under TNAU and Udaipur to Jobner under SKRAU. Three centres i.e. Anantapur  (APHU, 1983), Dantiwada (SDAU, 1983) and Faizabad (NDUAT, 1987) were added.