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A visitor to ECHO from Nigeria told former intern Randall Fish about a method of creating fences using bamboo. Randy recounted, “He said this was the way they did it when he was growing up. They would cut bamboo culms and lay them down into the shape of the enclosure they wanted to create, cover them with two to four inches of soil, and wait for it to grow up into what would create a solid fence/enclosure type structure. It was done during the start of their rainy season, and he said they used [the enclosures] as pens for goats and cows.”

Beth Doerr has seen what appeared to be the same thing in Southeast Asia. If you have any knowledge of this technique, or if you decide to try it, please let us know what results you get.


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ECHO Staff 2011. Bamboo for Fences. ECHO Development Notes no. 112