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Soda Bottle Wick Irrigation |  improves upon traditional drip irrigation in several ways. 1) Most of Lima’s soils are sandy and don’t hold water for extended periods. As a result, intermittent watering results in significant water loss; the water drains quickly through the soil before plants can use it.  Bottle-tee irrigation releases water over an extended period at a rate that corresponds to a plant’s needs. 2) Surface drip irrigation results in water loss through evaporation. Bottle-tee irrigation provides water to tree roots below the surface of the soil to avoid evaporative water loss. 3) The bottle-tee system is self-regulating and only needs to be filled once a week. Thus, it requires less attention/maintenance than many drip irrigation systems. 4) Bottle-tee wicks do not suffer from the clogging issues that plague many subsurface drip systems. 5) Bottle-tee irrigation has the potential to be significantly more affordable than traditional drip irrigation systems.