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Thank you for your participation with ECHO during the past year.  You and your 11,000 other colleagues around the world constitute a unique Community of Practice.  What makes you a “community of practice”?  You share a passion to address the challenges of small-scale farmers, their agriculture, their health and their communities.  And, you share a desire to learn how to do this more effectively – a desire to “get better”.

Because we share these passions and desires, we can learn from each other, support and encourage each other and collectively increase our beneficial impact.   ECHOcommunity provides special opportunities for us to do all of this…together.  It also provides a way that we can multiply our impact into places in the world where we might never set foot but where our experience can bless and benefit nonetheless.

As we enter 2017, I want to encourage you to make time for your “community of practice”, invest in it, and grow it.  In the process we will all benefit.  Please also let us know how we can more effectively nurture this very special community that we share – we’re passionate…and want to get better!

Thank you for being part of the ECHOcommunity!

David Erickson
President/CEO – ECHO, Inc.