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Published: 2010-01-20

Bwa Yo: Important Trees of Haiti by Joel Timyan, a 418-page book, is now available on the Internet at the USAID Development Experience Clearinghouse (DEC). An electronic PDF copy of the book can be accessed by clicking on the link pdf.usaid.gov/pdf_docs/PNACA072.pdf

Mr. Timyan shared that the DEC site also contains other valuable documents about trees in Haiti that can be accessed by clicking on the link http://dec.usaid.gov/.

Timyan added, “I also have compiled a rather complete bibliography of the scientific literature covering forestry, botany, zoology and conservation biology in Haiti as well as the rest of the Caribbean. This is of immense value to students and practitioners in natural resource management.” If you would like to obtain a copy of Timyan’s document, send us an e-mail request and we will send it as an attachment. The document is over 500 pages and is 2.4 MB in size.

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ECHO Staff 2010. Important Resources about Trees of Haiti. ECHO Development Notes no. 106