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  1. Texas A&M Extension Air layering is a useful method of producing roots on the stem of indoor landscape plants that have become “leggy” through the loss of their lower foliage. This method, believed to have been developed centuries ago by the Chinese, has been used successfully as a mean of...
  2. Royal Horticultural Society Air layering is a method of propagating new trees and shrubs from stems still attached to the parent plant. The stem is wrapped with damp moss to encourage roots to form. Air layering is an effective propagation method for some plants that do not root readily from...
  3. Uploaded on Oct 12, 2010 Demonstration of terminal grafting method used to grow mango and other trees in one of Tree Aid's community tree nurseries in Burkina Faso, W. Africa. July 2008. In French with English subtitles. www.treeaid.org.uk

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