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Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) offers farmer-driven, grassroots grants and education programs. Since 1988, SARE grantees have been putting the principles of sustainable agriculture into practice on farms and ranches in every state and island protectorate. 

  1. Recall from the introduction that on-farm research provides a way of dealing with the problem of field and environmental variability. In comparing the effects of different practices (treatments), you need to know if the effects that you observe in the crop or in the field are simply a product of...
  2. Ed : While not dealing specifically with tropical crops, some of the management situations discussed can be adapted for consideration in other contexts. Farmers around the country (US) are planting cover crops on millions of acres to protect and improve the soil, and the more that farmers use...
  3. SARE'svisionis an enduring American agriculture of the highest quality. This agriculture is profitable, protects the nation's land and water and is a force for a rewarding way of life for farmers and ranchers whose quality products and operations sustain their communities and society. SARE's...

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