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The Agroforestree Database is a species reference and selection guide for agroforestry trees. Agroforestry trees are those that are deliberately grown or kept in integrated land-use systems and are often managed for more than one output.

This database provides information on the management, use and ecology of a wide range of tree species which can be used in agroforestry. While the database provides information on native and exotic trees globally, it also provides a searchable interface where users can search by country, native or exotics species, products and/or services provided, as well as the first letter of the species.

Currently, the database holds information on 600 tree species useful in agroforestry systems. The details on each of the species covered by the database include a species botanic description detailing the tree's characteristics, details on climate, distribution range, and ecology. Each species documentation also provides information on tree propagation, management and uses.

Funding for the development of this App was provided by the CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry(http://foreststreesagroforestry.org/) (FTA, supported by the CGIAR funding partners. Funding for the various versions of the Agroforestree Database was provided by Danida, DFID, EU, IFAD, USAID and VVOB, including various CGIAR funding partners