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Mobile Data Collection (MDC) is the use of mobile devices (e.g. phones, tablets, etc.) to collect quantitative and qualitative data at one or more stage of a project.

​The use of any technology in development should take into consideration the Digital Principals for Development that "seek to serve as a set of living guidelines that are meant to inform, but not dictate, the design of technology-enabled development programs."

These resources are intended to help plan for mobile data collection. 

  • LWR Considerations for Mobile Data Collection outlines general, financial, M&E, and human considerations for using mobile data collection. 
  • Mobile Technology Handbook 2014 from Pact is a comprehensive look at defining, developing, and implementing mobile data collection along with an overview of select platforms. 
  • LWR Overview of Mobile Data Collection Platforms gives an overview, pros, cons, and pricing notes for selected platforms. 
  • LWR Mobile Data Collection Comparison is a one page chart which allows for comparison of features between platforms. This document is a quick look at a range of platforms intended to help users find desired or required features, and should be used in conjunction with additional guidance and research.