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In the humid tropics, approximately one-third of total food produced is lost before reaching the consumer, thwarting efforts to increase agricultural productivity, improve food security and reduce childhood malnutrition and stunting. High commodity moisture contents at harvest and damp storage conditions enable growth of fungi that produce toxins such as aflatoxin, which causes liver cancer and has been implicated in childhood stunting. Over 4.5 billion people are chronically exposed to aflatoxin in their diets. We will implement the “dry chain” strategy of drying commodities immediately after harvest and packaging in hermetic containers for storage and distribution. Once dried and packaged, no further energy or infrastructural input is required to preserve quality and prevent aflatoxin accumulation. By establishing Dry Chain Centers in key locations in tropical Asia, Africa and Central America, we will empower small farmers and incentivize supply chain actors to adopt these technologies that improve food security and health.