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Plantwise is a global programme led by CABI, which works to help farmers lose less of what they grow to plant health problems. Working closely with national agricultural advisory services we establish and support sustainable networks of plant clinics, run by trained plant doctors, where farmers can find practical plant health advice. The Plantwise programme was officially launched in 2011 – though as our partners in Bolivia, Uganda and many other countries know, we’ve been helping to set up plant clinics for over a decade. 

Plant clinics work similarly to clinics for human health: farmers visit with samples of their crops, and plant doctors diagnose the problem and make science-based recommendations on ways to manage it. Plant clinics are reinforced by the Plantwise knowledge bank, a gateway to practical online and offline plant health information, including diagnostic resources, best-practice pest management advice and plant clinic data anlaysis for targeted crop protection.

The knowledge bank offers tools and insights, and the plant clinics create an efficient and effective way to reach farmers with best-practice advice. These two unique resources are part of the greater Plantwise approach to strengthen the plant health system from within. Ultimately, the stronger the plant health system in a country, the better equipped the country will be to help farmers provide a safe and sustainable food supply and improve their lives.

By building and strengthening partnerships, Plantwise helps farmers to grow more, earn more and in turn use this income to feed and educate their families. We work in over 30 countries, and have reached more than half a million farmers since the programme began.