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Published: 1998-02-19

Michael N. Oparah, Head of the School of Forestry at Ibrahim Babangida College of Agriculture in Nigeria, writes “the College Consultancy Department has continued to expand the use of Kerosene Emulsifiable Concentrate (KEC) by local farmers. This is an insecticide (at times it acts as a fungicide) which has a very wide spectrum as far as dealing with various insects is concerned. All insects found on all the crops in this locality are affected and killed by this poison.”

“KEC is prepared by mixing kerosene, detergent powder, and water in this ration: Kerosene = 1 part, Soap = 1 part, Water = 20 parts. These are put into a plastic jerry can. Cork the jerry can, agitate it vigorously several times and keep it overnight.”

“In the morning, shake it vigorously again, sieve the contents into another container or into a knap-sack sprayer and spray onto the crops. It is very effective. The kerosene is the concentrate, the soap is the emulsifier while the water is the solvent.”

Dr. Darrell Cox tried this formula in his work in Kenya (he now works at ECHO). He found the mixture to be somewhat effective. “It does reduce insect populations but should not be expected to completely kill them like an insecticide would.”

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ECHO Staff 1998. Kerosene Emulsifiable Concentrate Insecticide. ECHO Development Notes no. 59