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This book may no longer be available in print.

A series of lecture notes on seeds from the Danida Forest Seed Centre.

Lecture Note C-2: Seed Biology                                                            Lecture Note C-3: Planning Seed Collection

Lecture Note C-4:Seed Collection                                                         Lecture Note C-5: Seed Moisture and Drying Principles

Lecture Note C-6:Seed Handeling Prior To Processing                        Lecture Note C-7:Seed Processing

Lecture Note C-8: Seed Testing                                                            Lecture Note C-9:Seed Storage 

Lecture Note C-10:Seed Preteatment                                                   Lecture Note C-11:Control Measures In The Transfer Of Forest Seed

Lecture Note C-12:Pyhtosanitary Problems in Seed Procurement       Lecture Note C-13:Seed Documentation 

Lecture Note C-14:Seed quality 

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  • Published: 1991
  • Publisher: Danida Forest Seed Centre
  • Dewey Decimal: 635.042
  • ECHO Library: 635.042 LAU