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This 5-minute lightning talk is about a research project focused on grafting tomato seedlings in Honduras and Guatemala, called "Plántulas de Esperanza" or Seedlings of Hope. Speaking is James Nienhuis of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, during his presentation at the 2016 Horticulture Innovation Lab annual meeting.

Nienhuis leads this research project with partners from Ohio State University, Zamorano, Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica, AVRDC-The World Vegetable Center. The project was funded by the Horticulture Innovation Lab, as part of the U.S. government's Feed the Future initiative.

More information about this project at http://horticulture.ucdavis.edu/main/... Find more lightning talks and information from the 2016 Horticulture Innovation Lab annual meeting at http://horticulture.ucdavis.edu/2016/.