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Published: 1992-04-01

When I think of typhoid shots I think of finding time for three trips to a doctor, major soreness and some fever. A trip that comes up suddenly often does not allow time for completing the series. So when Glenn Munroe told me that he was just immunized with no noticeable side effects by taking four pills, one every other day, I asked for details. He said the immunity is supposed to last 5 years. The series cost him $35. It is a live vaccine and must be refrigerated at all times. It is manufactured by the Swiss Serum and Vaccine Inst, Berne, Switzerland. I contacted Andy Murai at their U. S. subsidiary, Berna Products Corporation, 4216 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables, FL 33146. He said they are glad to ship overseas, even if orders are small. Phone 800/533-5899 in the US or 305/443-2900; FAX 305/567-1043.

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ECHO Staff 1992. Oral Vaccine for Typhoid. ECHO Development Notes no. 36