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  1. Genetic improvement and varietal status of moringa
  2. Floral biology and hybridization in moringa
  3. Advanced production systems in annual moringa PKM 1
  4. Cropping systems in moringa
  5. Soil moisture management for flowering in moringa
  6. Nutrient management in moringa
  7. Use of biofertilizer for enhancing the production potential of moringa
  8. Strategies and status of weed management in moringa
  9. Off-season production of moringa
  10. Major insect pests of moringa and their management
  11. Disease of moringa and their management
  12. Organic production protocol for moringa
  13. Post harvest management in moringa
  14. Seed production strategies for annual moringa
  15. Industrial applications of moringa
  16. Pharmaceutical and nutritional value of moringa
  17. Value addition in moringa
  18. Biotechnological applications in moringa
  19. An analysis of present marketing strategies for promotion of local and export market
  20. Socio economic status of PKM released moringa