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In many areas RWH has now been introduced as part of an integrated water supply, where the town water supply is unreliable, or where local water sources dry up for a part of the year. But RWH can also be introduced as the sole water source for communities or households. The technology is flexible and adaptable to a very wide variety of conditions. It is used in the richest and the poorest societies, as well as in the wettest and the driest regions on our planet.

This Agrodok discusses the potential of rainwater for local communities at household and community level. It strives to give practical guidance for households, CBOs, NGOs, local government staff and extension workers in designing and applying the right systems, methods and techniques for harvesting rainwater on a small scale (varying from 500 – 60,000 litres). It explains the principles and components of a rooftop rainwater system for collecting and storing rainwater. It also strives to guide the process of planning, designing and actual construction.

Version 1, 2006