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Abstract, Joint Conference on Green Engineering Technology & Applied Computing, 2019

The objectives of the research are to develop manual planting tools compliance with System of Rice Intensification cultivation guideline for small fields and improve SRI farmers working posture. Several problems were recognised to assist in developing design requirement. A current product called Planting Tools is identified as a base product to reverse engineering so it can plant a single young rice seedling in each planting point. Findings: a simple planting tool with smaller size compare to the current product is developed. It consists of several components that can be divided by four main functions which are the hopper, vertical tube, penetrator and handle. The hopper is where the rice seedling is placed. The seedling will fall by gravity through the vertical tube and positioned inside the penetrator. The operator needs to position the penetrator to a specific point. The seedlings will be planted less than 10mm from tops soil upon pressing the lever which connected to linkages. Therefore, a study of the penetrator strength in the static analysis was performed by using finite-element modelling technique.