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The Journal of Applied BioSciences provides a forum for scholars and practitioners in all spheres of biological sciences to publish their research findings or theoretical concepts and ideas of a scientific nature. The journal particularly invites articles that show disciplinary interface, e.g.

  • Articles that advance our knowledge and applications of biotechnology in the context of developing country scenarios.

  • Articles that increase our knowledge and understanding of beneficial or parasitic interactions between living organisms, e.g. between microbes – plants; microbes – animals; microbes – human beings, or insect populations, parasitic plants and weeds.

  • Articles that enhance our understanding and capacity to address environmental challenges, e.g. water, air and soil pollution, desertification, climate change, biological energy production processes (bio-fuels, biogas, energy farming).

  • Articles that enhance our capacity to harness and increase value of biodiversity products, e.g. production and processing of drugs or dyes and other industrial, medicinal or therapeutic products from herbal plants, cultivable insects or worms and microorganisms.

  • Advances in human and veterinary nutrition and medical sciences, especially technologies for preventing or pre-empting disease pandemics.

  • Articles on food processing and value addition technologies, or engineering developments (equipment development) that enhance prospects of commercializing agricultural enterprises (crops and livestock) in developing countries.

  • Articles on current and potentially controversial scientific issues, e.g. genetically modified organisms and their contribution or detriment to nutrition and health.

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