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Since 2014, the ECHO Farm in North Ft. Myers, Florida has been upgrading and expanding its pastures using the managed, rotational, intensive grazing model. With paddocks sub-divided by electric fencing, cows and goats are moved regularly and systematically from intensively grazed plots to fresh, recovered sections of pasture. This regular rotation prevents overgrazing and enables a healthy rapid recovery of each grazed cell.

This rotational grazing model was recently taught at ECHO by Andre Houssney, a farmer and international development worker. Additionally, TreCates, a 2015 conference plenary speaker representing the Savory Institute (co-founded by Allan Savory), shared about Holistic Land Management. This sustainable grazing system is being widely applied toward the restoration of the world’s grasslands.

Rotational Grazing: Cows at the ECHO Global FarmMaking use of our new grazing facility and other farm resources, during September 20-13, 2016, ECHO will be hosting the Introduction to Small-Scale Livestock Production in the Tropics workshop. Besides sharing the basics of managed, rotational, intensive grazing, other topics will include deep-litter pig systems, production of silage and other feeds, forage plant identification, animal health and harvesting.

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