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ECHO is proud to facilitate courses about topics in tropical agricultural development. These series of courses are hands-on interactive learning experiences that are offered at ECHO's Florida and Asia campuses. The demonstration farms at these two ECHO offices provide an opportunity for immersive learning that directly applies what students are introduced to in the classroom.

The Introduction to Tropical Agriculture Development course is perfect for participants who are interested in adding agricultural components to their international work or for those recently starting in agricultural development in tropical environments. This course is held at both the Asia and Florida campuses: 

ECHO Asia Introduction TAD course | March 27-April 1

ECHO Florida Introduction TAD course | July 10-14

Introduction to Tropical Agriculture Development prepares you for more in-depth courses ECHO offers on various topics such as seed saving and banking, appropriate technologies, livestock integration, and permaculture. This year, ECHO Florida is excited to hold the first-ever Tropical Agroecosystems course. Students will first be introduced to the 10 elements of agroecosystems and then apply these principles as they learn about different tropical agricultural systems such as conservation agriculture, sloping agricultural land technology, agroforestry systems, and more! Save the date: September 11-15, 2023