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COCO represents the foundation of Digital Green’s technology stack. It captures data related to the key processes of the Digital Green approach – video production, dissemination and adoption of practices – having the unique ability to accept data while offline for areas with intermittent internet connectivity.


Loop is a result of Digital Green’s foray into agriculture output markets focused on streamlining market linkages to increase income of smallholder farmers. Digital Green leverages its grassroots-level partnerships and strong technology know-how to address the specific problem most farmers face every day: how to sell their produce as quickly as possible at the best possible price. Reducing the problem to one of optimization of the aggregation, transport and marketing of vegetables helped build a sustainable solution in an ongoing pilot in Bihar, India.


Digital Green is building hybrid training courses for community knowledge workers, that are human mediated and include both offline and online components, to improve the manner in which their capacity is built to better engage farmers in their communities. This training curriculum combines practical instructional videos and a mobile training application that guides trainers and assesses the mastery level of workers.

The training courseware(available in Hindi, English and French) currently comprises of courses on (1) video dissemination using mobile pico projectors for community workers to become effective facilitators (2) video production to enable community teams to produce compelling videos featuring local farmers on relevant improved agricultural practices that boost farm productivity. 


VideoKheti is a responsive web application that provides access to our video library through an easy-to-navigate interface for low-literate farmers and extension workers on any device. The navigational layer uses graphics, audio, and touch interaction to make simple choices in crop, crop phase and activity to reach the desired video. The application combines the strength of our existing video library with findings from research conducted by Microsoft Research India’s Technology for Emerging Markets Group.


Farmerbook is an open-access platform which displays detailed timeline-based activities of each farmer we work with along with the villages plotted on Google Map. The application highlights the integrated nature of the practices that individual farmers adopt on their fields as well as stimulates healthy competition among partners, village facilitators, and community members through the sharing of performance data and community feedback. Use of Farmerbook also supports transparency and accountability in existing extension systems and enables the development of non-monetary incentive structures among stakeholders participating in them through mechanisms like leaderboards.