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The International Biochar Initiative (IBI) was formed in July 2006 at a side meeting held at the World Soil Science Congress (WSSC) in Philadelphia, PA. At the 2006 meeting, individuals and representatives from academic institutions, commercial ventures, investment bankers, non-governmental organizations, federal agency representatives, and the policy arena from around the world acknowledged a common interest in promoting the research, development, demonstration, deployment (RDD&D) and commercialization of the promising technology of biochar production. Since the formation of IBI in 2006, we have organized and hosted the following international biochar conferences:

The first international biochar conference was organized and held in New South Wales, Australia, in April/May 2007, and attracted the participation of 107 attendees from 13 countries, representing a spectrum of backgrounds. By unanimous consent at the 2007 Conference, the International Biochar Initiative was established as a non-profit 501(c)3 in the US.**

In 2008, the second international conference, "Biochar, Sustainability and Security in a Changing Climate" was held at the Newcastle Civic Center in Newcastle, United Kingdom. The conference had over 225 attendees from 31 different countries with over 70 presentations.

IBI 2010, the third international conference, was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from September 12 - 15, with 85 oral and 85 poster presentations and approximately 200 attendees.

Since its inception, IBI has rapidly established itself as the leading non-profit dedicated to the promotion of biochar research and commercialization.