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Abstract, Philippine Agricultural Scientist, 2007

Ethylene (ethene) is the simplest organic compound thataffects physiological processes in plants. It is also a natu-ral product of plant metabolism and is produced by alltissues of higher plants and by some microorganisms. Asa phytohormone, even in trace amounts (less than 0.1 ppm),it regulates many aspects of growth and development, andhas been shown to be an inductive factor in rapid physi-ological changes (e.g., ripening and senescence) inpostharvest fruits, especially climacterics (Buffler 1986),and vegetables (Abeles et al. 1971; Kazuhiro and Watada1991; Jayaraman and Raju 1992; El Blidi et al. 1993). More-over, ethylene reduces the storage life of many postharvestcommodities if it is used at a high concentration.