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Presented By: Erwin Kinsey, Global Service Corp - Tanzania

How to create an alternative, low-cost water storage cistern for irrigating small gardens

How to make a minimum tillage garden

How to run a Farmer Field School with your neighbors

How to prevent Newcastle Disease which kills 70% of chickens annually in Africa

How to create a bio-intensive deep dug bed garden

How to create a kitchen garden

How to make compost, the best way to have additional fertility in a field or garden

How to dry fruit and vegetables to improve nutrition throughout the year

Alternative ways to store grain for to prevent damage

How nutrition contributes to health and enables those affected by HIV to withstand

How to prevent HIV infection and stop stigmatization of those affected

How to prevent the deaths of cattle from East Coast Fever

How to begin a garden of fruit trees and tree seedlings

How Food Security committees can ensure food for the village poor, and serve to bring a change in the village