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The new SODIS manual presents an overview of the SODIS method based on 20 years of research and practice. It is structured into three parts:

SODIS at a glance: The first part presents the basic facts about solar disinfection and the SODIS method, gives information about the history of the SODIS method and highlights its benefits. It also discusses the niche of SODIS in the context of HWTS and WASH and the potential impact and role of SODIS in relation to programs aiming at reducing the prevalence of diarrheal disease.

Technical aspects of the SODIS method: The second part addresses the technical aspects that influence the efficacy of the SODIS method in removing pathogens from water. This information aims at providing a solid understanding of the correct application of SODIS in the field, and of the expected outcomes under various conditions.

Promotion of the SODIS method: The third part reviews specific approaches and tools used to promote the SODIS method to target populations. It aims at supporting experts with the integration of the SODIS method into HWTS, WASH and health projects.