The South African Journal of Plant and Soil publishes original articles and commentaries on research in the fields of fundamental and applied soil and plant science. Original research papers, short communications including germplasm registrations, relevant book reviews, commentaries on papers recently published, letters, opinion pieces and debates, and review articles will be considered for publication in the Journal. Manuscripts considered may address aspects of:

  • Agronomical and Horticultural research including breeding and genetics, cultivar evaluation, management, nutrition, physiology, production, and quality;
  • Soil Science research including biology, chemistry, classification, fertility, mineralogy, pedology and hydropedology, physics, and soil and land evaluation of agricultural and urban ecosystems;
  • Weed Science research including biological control agents, biology, ecology, genetics, herbicide resistance and herbicide-resistant crops, and physiology and molecular action of herbicides and plant growth regulators;
  • Agro-climatology;
  • Agro-ecology;
  • Forage, Pasture and Turfgrass science including production and utilisation;
  • Plant and Soil Systems Modelling;
  • Plant–Microbe Interactions;
  • Plant–Pest Interactions;
  • Plant–Soil Relationships.

Contributions on climate change, conservation agriculture, hydro-pedology, water harvesting and emerging crops are currently of specific interest.